COVID-19 Response

Greer Community Ministries is responding to the COVID-19 virus pandemic in the following ways:

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Serve with us and make a lasting difference.

Rescheduled to Mid-October

23rd Annual Dick Brooks Honda Meals on Wheels Invitational

Our Programs

Meals on Wheels

This program offers freshly prepared hot meals every weekday.

Senior Dining

This program provides seniors the opportunity to enjoy a warm meal & social time with friends.

Food Pantry

This program allows us to offer emergency food assistance to those in need.

Sharon's Closet

This program supplies clothing to those in need in the Greater Greer area.

Our Challenge

Not being able to maintain the basic necessities of life can feel embarrassing, lonely, and degrading. We assist people with food, clothing, and uplifting social interaction so that they can keep the necessities without losing their dignity.

Let's Connect

lowesfoodsupstate in Greer keeps piling it on and we so grateful for the #community support!! #setthetable

Spending some time getting quiet really can be the best remedy for tangled situations.

Lord, we're choosing to stop trying to figure everything out so we can just sit with You for a while. Take our anxiety and replace it with Your peace, wisdom and security. We trust in You.

Life's a Journey. Pay Attention. : Yoga Makes me Cry




You helped my mom whenever she was in need. We were amazed you would go out and pick people up.


Meals on Wheels Driver

Instead of giving up chocolate for Lent, we gave time. That’s how we got started.


Senior Diner

I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to start.