As of July 2018, 30,899 people live in the Greer area and 12 percent of our population is 65 or over while 13.77 percent of our families are below poverty levels. With age comes issues such as illness, dependency and limited mobility. This can lead to depression, changes in appetite and a decline in well-being. Many times individuals and their families must decide between buying food or paying for other necessities, such as housing, utilities or medical care. For these reasons, GCM was created to ensure that needy citizens will be taken care of to the best of our ability by providing emergency food and clothing.


When you give to us, your money stays right here, helping people in this community. When you give, you pave the road with hope for 300 homebound, disadvantaged, and disabled people who live in the greater Greer area.

In 2018, your gifts helped us prepare and deliver 70,442 Meals on Wheels lunches. We also served 5,437 Senior Dining meals in our facility. At $4 per meal, that’s $303,516 in costs.

Volunteers drove 13,754 miles last year driving our buses transporting Senior Diners to and from GCM.

We provided 2,696 people with donated clothing worth $67,940. Also, 3,973 people were provided $166,866 worth of donated food. We provide all of our services at no charge to clients.

We provide pet food for our Meals on Wheels recipients’ furry companions. By providing this service, clients are less likely to share their meal with their pets. Volunteers prepared 874 pet food orders last year. Clients receive pet food orders bi-weekly or monthly.

Every August we provide school supplies and new shoe vouchers to students. In 2018, we helped 514 students go back to school ready to succeed. Of those, 213 received a shoe voucher worth $30 to purchase shoes at our partner store Shoe Show in Greer.

As good stewards of the gifts we receive, we keep our administrative costs at 9.5 percent of our overall budget.

We invite you to find out more about us. Come visit and tour our facility. See how we make the most of every gift we receive. Your tax-deductible gift to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit matters. Hunger is the problem. Be a part of the solution.

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